Our Services

Men’s health

Prostate checks, cholesterol, blood pressure, bowel cancer screening, sports injuries, weight loss and fertility are common items discussed in consultation with our GPs. We are focused on prevention to achieve and maintain optimum health. We encourage both men and women to have annual health checks with their usual GP

Women’ Health

Cervical cancer screening (previously known as Pap smears), breast checks, referral for mammography, family planning and contraception, fertility and menopause management are common consultation areas. We encourage both men and women to have annual health checks with their usual GP.

Skin Checks and Minor Procedure

Regular skin checks can be performed by our GPs. Our doctors can perform minor surgery including biopsies, removal of skin lesions and some skin cancers, and removal of cysts. The Practice is equipped to treat and remove ingrown toenails, repair and manage wounds and suture minor lacerations

Children’s Health Checks

Children’s health checks include monitoring development and normal milestones, immunisation and health promotion. Healthy Kids Checks for 3-4 year olds can assess readiness for school and provide an opportunity for early screening for visual acuity, hearing, coordination as well as motor skills and other areas of development.


Immunisation protects against a range of preventable diseases and infections. Childhood immunisations, catch up immunisations, travel immunisations and occupational health immunisations are amongst the range of immunisations provided

Mental Health

All of our GPs can provide mental health support and health services including Mental Health Treatment Plans. Mental Health Treatment Plans provide patients with access to Medicare subsided psychology appointments.

Travel health advice & vaccinations

If you are planning a trip overseas it is always a good idea to check the recommended immunisations for travel. Our GPs can provide specific country related travel information and immunsation advice, as well as a medication certificate if you will be taking prescription medications with you. We have the majority of vaccinations required for travel at the Practice, so you won’t need to go elsewhere to get them.

Chronic Disease and GP Managed Care Plans

Comprehensive and individualised care plan can ensure that all aspects of chronic disease are managed including goals to achieve optimal health. Chronic conditions including diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic pain are amongst the most common conditions that can be supported with the help of a care plan. Some care plan patients are eligible for referral to allied health providers at a subsidised cost.

Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) can be symptomatic or asymptomatic so it is important to have regular checks if you are sexually active. STI checks do not always require a physical examination and some STIs can be confirmed simply via urine and blood tests. The GPs at Queen St Medical Centre are LGBTI friendly. Dr Elle Bolster is familiar with the requirements for completing a Qld Health Sexual Health Certificate. Dr Scott Allison can provide counselling and guidance to access Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Our GPs can provide advice on contraception.

Health Assessments for over 75’s

A comprehensive annual health check is recommended for all people aged over 75 to identify any health issues and optimise quality of life. Areas assessed may include but are not limited to lifestyle, mobility, medication, nutrition, exercise, safety in the home, care arrangements and support networks.

Scuba Diving Medicals Gold Coast

Underwater diving can be an exciting experience for individuals deemed fit to dive. However, for the wrong person scuba diving can be dangerous and even fatal if the diver has a pre-existing medical condition. Medical conditions or disorders may cause a diver to experience disorientation, impaired judgement, impaired mobility,


Commercial Diving

Some of the commercial SCUBA diving performed in Australia include saturation diving, police diving and aquarium diving. Underwater divers are trained in the procedures and skills appropriate to their level of certification by instructors. A minimum level of fitness and health is required by most training organisations, but a higher level of fitness Read More...